Meet the Family~

PLUMBERS :  2018


DANA  - Dana has been a Master Plumber for 25+ years.  He also holds  

              Master Plumber licenses in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul

              proper.  He started his own business in 2003 and Incorporated in

              2008.  Due in part to his perfectionism, Dana has accumulated a

              growing number of happy and loyal customers.

              He received the “Trillium Award” for plumbing excellence.


              Dana and Kathy were married in 2004.  Through marriage Dana has

              increased his family to include 3 sons, 3 daughter-in-laws, and 7

              grandchildren!   Those grand-kids LOVE their Opa! 



JAKE – Jake is our middle son.  He started with the business in 2005.                           

             He is a Master Plumber and holds the EPA Lead Certification for the

             company. In addition, he is also certified for RPZ and Vacuum Breaker

             testing.  He is certified with the State of Minnesota in RADON Measurements

             and Mitigation.  This is an important area that affects homes and the health

             of the families that reside in them.

             Customers appreciate Jake's expertise and considerateness for them and

             their homes.  We are grateful that Jake took an interest in the business

             and cares about you as we do.  He's a perfect fit.

             He has been taking on more owner responsibilities in the past few years.

             It's evident that he will be a proficient business owner and boss! 


              Jake is married to Nicole.  They have 2 sons; Nolan who is 6, & Silas 4 years old.

  JOEL - Joel joined our company in 2016.  He is learning all there is to know about plumbing.

              He is presently an apprentice and is working toward his Journeyman's License.


              Joel has been a volunteer fireman for the Hopkins Fire Dept for the last 10 years.  He

              and Jake served together at the Dept.  Joel loves to hunt and goes whenever he has                     the chance!  He is married & has a new little daughter named Reagan.  

              We feel very fortunate to have Joel with us.  He is respectful and talented.

              He will listen when you tell him about your plumbing concerns & explain things to you

              in a way that you will understand.

              He is a great addition to our company!




NICOLE – Nicole started working in the office in 2010.                                                          

                  She has been a welcome addition to the family business!  Nicole has her

                  Masters in Psychology so she is more than qualified to handle anything

                  that pops up!


                  After taking time off to be a full-time Mom for Nolan & Silas, Nicole is back

                  covering the phones and all the other responsibilities attached to that position.

                  We are so happy to have her back!  She will be learning all the areas of the

                  business so it will be a smooth transition when she and Jake take over the

                  business in the future.




               I’m amazed at how the business has grown.  We are blessed to have

               so many homeowners/customers that have become like family. There is a

               trust that must develop between you, the customer, and us so you feel

               comfortable allowing us into your homes.  Fortunately, that trust has

               developed.  We understand your home is YOUR space and we always

               respect that.

                    Welcome to our Family    ~ We look forward to Meeting Yours

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